What's New Pussycat? The pictures!

What's New Pussycat? was a blast! We loved to see so many classical music fans and cat lovers brought together in one magical ballroom at the beautiful Cat Cabinet in Amsterdam. We are grateful for the fact that everybody left the museum with a smile on their face. Thank you all so much for coming and we hope to welcome you to our future concerts. Until then, we can think back and have a look at the lovely pictures. 

Special thanks to charming presenter Brendan Jan Walsh and to all the great musicians who dared to show their very best meows: Celia García-García, Bernadeta Astari, Femke IJlstra and Marc Daniel van Biemen. You were cattastic and utterly purrrrrfect!

Goed nieuws voor 'What's New Pussycat?'!

Pianiste Celia García-García, violist Marc Daniel van Biemen en sopraan Bernadeta Astari krijgen onverwacht versterking uit nog onverwachtere hoek. Zojuist is bekend geworden dat ook saxofoniste Femke IJlstra de katers en poezen van deze wereld zal bezingen tijdens What's New Pussycat?. 

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