Nachtmusik was founded in 2015 by musicologist Mimy Jadoenathmisier. While finishing her tasks at the Artistic Programming Department of the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, she noticed the efforts that were taken to attract a younger audience and thought of improvements that still could be made. With a background in both music and fashion - and with a talent for storytelling, Mimy Jadoenathmisier chose a visual and theatrical approach, while ensuring musical excellence. 

What we do

We represent classical musicians and organize classical concerts. Aiming to appeal to a broad audience with both a high musical standard and visual attraction, we pay attention to career planning, stage performance, interdisciplinary co-operations, styling and branding. 

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We organize Nachtmusik Showcases to offer an inspiring stage to Nachtmusik artists and their friends - and to make classical music accessible to as many people as possible, including the younger audience. Expect surprising collaborations, unconventional stages, beautiful music and a laid-back ambiance. Check our events page for upcoming concerts.

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For concert halls and living rooms

Whether you are a music lover with a nice living room or a concert programmer for a prestigious concert hall, don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in some Nachtmusik and ask for suggestions and availability. 

Business Events

For an unforgettable impression on your visitors, make sure you book the right music. We offer custom made programmes, perfectly matching your event's theme. We are happy to advise you! Contact us for more information.

Clients and partners